Ably Experts: Expectations


Your Responsibilities


At the start of each work session, publish a self-stand-up via Slack, to include:

Attend the regular, in-person stand-up calls, as agreed with us. These are typically held weekly.

You must flag via Slack when you are running low on work. We’ll then work with you to line up the next series of Jira tickets.

Use your Slack bio to indicate clearly for other team members your usual working days and hours in UK timezone (GMT), keeping this information up-to-date if your availability changes. Something in this form would be perfect: “My usual working hours, UK time, are 14:00 to 19:00, Monday to Wednesday”.

Commitment, Order, Scope and Venue

Ably’s Responsibilities

We recognise that the relationship we’re building with the freelancers that work with us is deeply symbiotic in nature, therefore we want to make it clear what we want to commit to you.


Technology needs Humanity

This is one of Ably’s core values, also sometimes abbreviated to ‘tech needs humanity’.

We mention it here because we want to explicitly acknowledge that we’re all humans. This means that we know we’ll all make mistakes at times, or perhaps not quite match up to expectations all of the time. :heart:

When things aren’t going so well for you in meeting your responsibilities we will do our best to be flexible and understanding. We also expect the same from you. We are a fast growing company with individuals who, day-to-day, have to wear many hats and spin many plates at times. Please bear with us if we can’t always match up to our responsibilities as outlined above. :smile: