Ably Engineering Team Standards and Best Practices


Page Synopsis
Development flow Development flow for Ably repos.
Coding Standards Focussed on automation using linters, style checkers and other types of static analysis.
Features Specification Guidelines on contributing to the client library features specification.
Git How we use and configure the git tool, primarily affecting the local developer experience.
Git commits How we do git commits in Ably repos.
GitHub Our efforts to conform the way we use GitHub across our open source repositories.
Glossary Definitions of terminology used by the Engineering Team at Ably.
Product Lifecycle Defines stages of product maturity, including Labs, Alpha, Beta, RC, GA and EOL.
Pull Requests Guidance for how we approach PRs.
Releases Our ideal release process, including publishing workflows. The space we store artefacts generated by our CI workflows.
Versioning Our committment to semantically versioning all SDKs, as of 1 May 2022.